Who we are

Bike Tour Asia Ltd. is a fully TAT licensed and authorized bike tour operator in Thailand as well as an official partner of BMW Motorrad.

Our company was established by a group of avid motorcycle riders who also have long experience organizing official rides in Thailand and South East Asia.

The administration is located in Chiang Mai. Our office, the motorcycles and the equipment based in Hang Dong, near the Chiang Mai International Airport. Our tours mostly start and end in Chiang Mai. Other starting / ending locations upon request for customized tours.

All our tours have been created for both intermediate and experienced riders to travel and explore Thailand and South East Asia from the seat of a big motorcycle in the best possible conditions. With our unique program, the open road beckons with tours designed specifically with big motorcycles in mind. Created by riders for riders, our tours seek out scenic routes and the kind of low density traffic roads, interesting twisters and thundering straights that we know you’ll enjoy. And every night you’ll end up at the kind of environment you deserve after a day on the road, with good food, our selected accommodation comes with spa facilities and swimming pool. Hotels and resorts are always of excellent standard according to the local environment and carefully selected to suit our guests. Bike Tour Asia tour guides and road captains are well known for their expertise, helpfulness and friendliness.

* Tourist Authority of Thailand license number 21/00767

Daniel Senicar


Riding on two wheels has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Growing up in Sweden I had to wait until I turned 15 years before I could ride on the streets without fear.

After graduating university I started to work for the Swedish furniture company IKEA. Together with my family we spent 10 years in East Europe and 10 years in Asia at various locations. Where ever we lived, we always explored the areas on motorcycle.

I like any kinds of bikes, as long as it suits the purpose of the trip, even uses a push-bike sometimes to ride to work. Exercising out in the open air is one of my favorite pastimes, but I also like to travel and to experience foreign cultures. My favorite destination is always the next one.

Jörg Waldmann

Sales and Marketing

Traveling by motorcycle is for me the perfect way to explore a country. I am delighted to feel the elements - no matter if sunshine or rain and you get so much easier in contact with locals.

As Product Manager for a leading Destination Management Company in Bangkok I was lucky to be able to combine my passion for motorcycling with my job. I rode criss-cross Thailand and the neighboring countries. By the End of 2012 I organised the first official Motorbike Tour to Myanmar - invited by the Ministry of Tourism.

After ten years of living in Bangkok I decided to leave the busy city-life behind to live closer to the nature. I quit my job and fulfilled my dream to ride through South America for a year. From Chile to Ushuaia and all the way up to Colombia.

Since my return to Thailand in January 2016 I am happy to live in beautiful Chiang Mai and be part of the Bike Tour Asia family. This region is truly one of the best riding destinations worldwide.

Polada Sawaengchit ("Por")

Admin Manager

My name is Polada (nickname “Por”). I was born in Sakon Nakon, in Northeast of Thailand. I studied Tourism and after my graduation I have been working with various tour agencies, taking care of clients visiting Thailand.

I like traveling and I love the nature. Until now my motorcycle experience is being a pillion. So far I have been traveling all over Thailand and wide parts of Europe on a the back of a motorcycle. Trip across Europe and made me realize that I love to explore the countries by motorcycle more and more. Hopefully I will be able to ride on my own bike one day soon.

At Bike Tour Asia I am responsible for the administration and legal matters. As a licensed guide I also take care of our clients as tour guide.

Panot Buakao ("Dice")

Admin Supervisor

My name is Dice and traveling has not only been something I like - it has become a part of me. My mind is free like a bird when I'm on the road. People says - Traveling is healing - and yes I think so. Even you are going through tough times, traveling always make you feel good.

I grew up in Lampang but I decided to live in Chiang Mai - one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Working with Bike Tour Asia is beyond my expectation. It is great. Let's explore the new experience of life here and Chiang Mai will never let you down.

Kuldech Prasertklin ("Bom")

Motorcycle Fleet Operation & Guide

My name is Kuldech but everyone call's me Bombae. No, I am not from India. I was born and raised in Lopburi - the famous Monkey City of Siam. Here I started riding my fathers Honda Nova Dash at the age of 12 years.

Since 2013 I am living in Chiang Mai and I love Northern Thailand. The best area for riding motorbikes. Currently I have a Kawasaki 650 ER6N.

I am very happy to be a part of the Bike Tour Asia Team, combining my passion for Motorbikes and Travel with my job.

Thaveesak Jaisiri ("George")

Motorcycle Fleet, Logistics & Guide

Growing up in Thailand with a passion for 2 stroke motorcycles. Soon enough I played "jigsaw" with motorcycle engines before I even got a license.

After graduation from high school, I moved to the US and finally bought my first own bike: 1500 cc. cruiser. I moved around the US quite often and got a good chance to join few motorcycle events such as Toy Run in Sturgis, Michigan and the Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, working with BTA is quite a challenge but a lot of fun at the same time. Come ride with us and make your life a ride.

Pollawath Leelawattanakul ("Phai")

Motorcycle Fleet, Logistics & Guide

My friends call me Phai or PT. I’m a biologist and also a bookworm. I’m 87.5% Chinese who can't speak Chinese at all (but I try to, hahaha).

Having a Big Bike is one of my dreams and working with BTA brings me one step closer to achieve that.

Born and raised in Phetchabun, Thailand, now I've been living in Chiang Mai for 12 years. Traveling in your home country is something special. You can see the transition of your surrounding while you drive - from crowded cities to the remote mountains and countryside. Every time you pass by the same place it keeps changing. Those keep me feeling joyful while I’m driving.