QUICK TIPS: MSF’s Guide to Group Riding

Motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, but for many, riding as a group -- whether with friends on a Sunday morning ride or with an organized motorcycle tour -- is the epitome of the motorcycling experience. Here are some tips to help ensure a fun and safe group ride:

Before departure. We hold a riders’ meeting. Discuss things like the route, rest and fuel stops, and hand signals (see link below).

Keep the group to a manageable size, ideally 6 to 8 riders. If necessary, break the group into smaller sub-groups, each with a lead and sweep rider.

Ride in formation. The staggered riding formation (see link below) allows a proper space cushion between motorcycles so that each rider has enough time and space to maneuver and to react to hazards. The leader rides in the left third of the lane, while the next rider stays at least one second behind in the right third of the lane; the rest of the group follows the same pattern. A single-file formation is preferred on a curvy road, under conditions of poor visibility or poor road surfaces, entering/leaving highways, or other situations where an increased space cushion or maneuvering room is needed.

Avoid side-by-side formations, as they reduce the space cushion. If you suddenly needed to swerve to avoid a hazard, you would not have room to do so. You don’t want handlebars to get entangled.

Periodically check the riders following in your rear view mirror. If you see a rider falling behind, slow down so they may catch up. If all the riders in the group use this technique, the group should be able to maintain a fairly steady speed without pressure to ride too fast to catch up.

If you’re separated from the group, don’t panic. Your group will have a preplanned procedure in place to regroup. Don’t break the law or ride beyond your skills to catch up.

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Safety and highest service standards are always top of our mind. Therefore, all our tours start with us covering basic group riding rules and riding conditions in Thailand before taking off. Our groups are never more than 8 guest motorcycles. There is always a support van with support staff and travel guide joining the tours.